A great companion for Gertrudis - easy and powerful 3D for everyone!..........

great tools for happy artists

Using Project Dogwaffle 
and Gertrudis Pro
for creative sketching and drawing of
game and concept art

what's Project Dogwaffle?

All material presented here is copyright (c) 2005 Enrique Nieloud of GertrudisGraphics.com,  and Martin Duerr of Cybersign.de
or their respective owners. 
All rights reserved.. No unauthorized use or duplicatation is permitted.

PD Pro Digital Painter and Gertrudis Pro
together in perfect Harmony,
as illustrated by Martin Duerr of Cybersign.de

See below for close-ups

variations of Dragon heads, Dogwaffle and Gertrudis together in perfect harmony
Original Dragon -
Pencil sketch on paper (scanned into PD Pro)

original sketch, scanned from a pencil drawing on paper (click to enlarge)

click to enlarge

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Painting over the original with PD Pro
Using Tempera or other bult-in brushes to quickly add color and/or paper texture for added structure

Gertrudis action -
starting from the original scanned image, Gertrudis can do its own type of magic

click to enlarge
Combining the effects of Dogwaffle and Gertrudis
variations, e.g. merging the two styles, then using Threshold filter

add some embossing too for added 3D appearance of cracks and peeling old look  >>>

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