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Concurrency::parallel_for_each is not supported on the selected accelerator "CPU accelerator".

                  Howler also supports animation & video

PD Howler also supports animation & video
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Use of GPU not possible, disable it. This is not a fatal error, just an informational warning message.


When you start Dogwaffle 8.2, you see message in a popup window alert:

Concurrency: parallel_for_each is not supported on the selected accelerator "CPU accelerator".

When you click OK to continue, everything seems fine, with few exceptions: The 3D Designer for example does work in wireframe mode but doesn't display shaded surface mode.


concurrency::parallel_for_each is not
                        supported for the selected accelerator


This is an indication that GPU (Graphics Processor Unit) acceleration may not be possible on that system, even though some of the key criteria for GPU support are met. Something (probably on the graphics chip) is not at the level needed for full support of GPU in Dogwaffle.

As a side-effect, some features may render incorrectly, when they're configured to use the GPU. For example, in the 3D Designer transform filter, the shaded mode is enabled by default, but it may not show any shaded surfaces, because GPU lighting may not work. Wireframe mode may work, just not shaded mode. See below how to fix this.

This might be seen for example on a system running Windows 7 or Windows 8 that is powered by low-end chips, such as Atom CPU and entry level graphics chip. Even though you might have Windows 7/8 and even DirectX11, it's not going to support GPU use in Dogwaffle.

What's also possible is that it's trying to run on the CPU device, which cannot run GPU code.  There are at least 2 Amp devices when there is a GPU in a machine.  There's the GPU device, and the CPU device.  It's possible that there's a supported GPU, but the CPU device is the default device, but it's not very likely.

Here's a page that points to a utility to test for AMP compatibility:

Can I run C AMP on my device?

PD Pro 8.2 comes with its own utility that is also shipped with Howler.  It should be in the folder the program is installed in, for example in C:\Program Files(x86)\Howler.  It's a a utility you need to run from the command prompt, and it is called ListComputeUnits.exe


You will need to disable GPU in Dogwaffle. TO do so, access the Window menu, click on Settings, and locate the 'Threading and GPU' button.

threding and GPU

You can then see information about cores detected on the CPU, as well as whether GPU is supported on the device. In your case you may need to check the box, to override and disable it. Here is an example from a Windows 7 platform, with the GPU supported but use of it is disabled:

disabling the GPU in
                        Project Dogwaffle 8.2
Note that in the example below, which was grabbed from a Windows XP system, the GPU is showing as not supported (Supported GPU = False). You can't disable it any further in that case, and you don't have to either. In your case however, you might see it as supported, and you may want to disable it to see if that fixes the issue. Check that option to disable the GPU. 
disabling the GPU

After making changes, be sure to Save them and exit Dogwaffle, then relaunch it.

The warning message may still be seen upon launching, but in the 3D Designer you should now again be able to see your properly lit and shaded modes.

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