Announcing the release of PD Pro 7.2 Howler

More tools for motion artists.

San Diego, CA - March 14, 2012

Dan Ritchie, creator of Project Dogwaffle and Philip Staiger of have announced that the newest generation of Project Dogwaffle named PD Pro 7.2 Howler is now available.

PD Pro 7.2 Howler is a fast digital painting and animation program made by an artist for professionals alike. It is loaded with numerous features used in visual effects and the film industry for post work, matte painting and traditional animation.

This release also adds a new Motion Prediction module. "It continues our recent development of tools for motion FX artists", said Ritchie.

What's New in PD Pro 7.2 Howler?

* Multi-monitor support is added.

  We now have improved support for multiple monitors.  Windows and most controls now open and
  stay on the correct monitor

* Changes in the Graphical User Interface.

  New icons, and a darker, more immersive GUI. You can select different color
  schemes to suit your preference.

* Introducing the Motion prediction module.  

  Our most compute-intensive filter yet! With it you can analyze the motion in a
  video to create slow motion versions from regular (fast) video. Stop-motion artists
  could also use it to introduce selective motion blur into their work. 

* The re-invented Timeline Editor.  

  The time-line is re-imagined and re-implemented. It was always a powerful tool.
  Now it's a snap to work with. There are some new filters too. Compositing frame
  sequences now supports multiple file formats.

* New animation options for 3D Designer:

  move along X, Y and Z axes- see extruded text vanishing into deep space

* Faster loading of image sequences

* Broader file support for compositing with image sequences.

* Broader use of Processor SSE2 acceleration and threading.

* Enhanced Curve Tool:

  There's a new B-spline option (toggle) for curve editing.

* Applying Mirror transform to animation

  All frames of an animation can be forced through the current mirror settings.

* Frame editing options added: Select all, Delete Block...

* miscellaneous optimizations and bug fixes.

A detailed list with examples, tutorials and videos can be seen at


Pricing and Availability

The Howler edition (with support for animations) is available now. A lower-priced Artist
edition (without support for animations) will follow shortly.

PD Pro 7.2 is a free update for current users of version v7. 

PD Pro 7.2 Howler is available for purchase through the online store at - 
The List price is $139, a promotional price of $99 is in effect through end of March.

Upgrades from earlier versions are available at significant discounts (up to 70% off) through upgrade vouchers.

About and Project Dogwaffle

Dan Ritchie is the creator of Project Dogwaffle and PD Pro Digital Painter. He has been known amongst the 3D community for making plugins for 3D tools, working as a 3D animator at Foundation Imaging and other production studios on projects like Star Trek Voyager, Starship Troopers, and other exciting sci-fi productions involving 3D animations and special effects.

Philip Staiger is the founder of, based in San Diego, California, and partners with Dan Ritchie to market and support Project Dogwaffle. 


Press Contacts

For press inquiries please contact Dan or Philip at

email: dogwaffle (at) thebest3d (dot) com

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