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Alpha Skills Lesson #4
Extracting a Simple Logo
from a Complex Background

when few colors are involved over a color-rich photograph, color gradient or complex rendered background image

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Here's another example where using SHIFT-click for multiple selections comes in very handy. Let's say you have a task like the following: here's an image which contains a multi-color, complex background image and also a simple logo or text item on it. The logo/text has only a few distinct colors, but the background is loaded with throuands of shades: perhaps it's a photograph, perhaps a 3D rendering or sinply a drawn image with gradients or other complex shapes and colors

The challenge is to extract the desired logo shape,

In this case, you may still be able to use the magic want, as long as there are no colors in the background that are the same as the logo and touching it. Even if it did, you could actually still use it, but might need to 'de-select' some parts of the background which the magic wand might bleed into where it sees the same color in the logo and the neighboring background pixels.

Remember: this is a flat image: no layers. We're trying to re-verse engineer the composition.

<< click to enlarge or download a copy of the original

This example was actualy created in PD Pro, using the Sky render file:

    menu: Filter > Render > Sky

and the text tool, rendering the text tool into alpha, and using

    menu: Alpha > Expand alpha

Oh and I couldn't resist also destroying the bottom with some baddy grass, a preset from the Particle brushes (Optipustics).

Perhaps we'll talk about how this was created in another tutorial. Let's for now just take a look at how to extract the text portions from it.

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