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of Xeno-waffles and Dog-Dreams: Using XenoDream with Project Dogwaffle

Here's a few tutorials on how to play and have fun in Project Dogwaffle using output created in XenoDream.

  • Loading Multiple images into separate brushes

To Probe Further:

Loading Multiple Images as Separate Brushes

Ok, time to get busy with multiple custom brushes.

Use menu:  Brush > Open...  as before to select the next image.

Just like before, store the loaded image based brush with the brush manager. Use the (") (double-quote) shortcut to go faster.

Here we now have teo intances of the brush manager showing their respective image.

You can easily use any of these brushes, simply by clicking the thumbnail image. When you click the thumbnail image, that stored brush becomes the active custom brush.

After repeating the process a few times, you might have a bunch of stored custom brushes, one for each image you loaded and stored. This works great when you have a high resolution screen and plenty of screen real-estate to dedicate to the many brush managers.

You can also temporarily minimize them, or make them smaller or overlap to small screen space.

To use brush #1, click the thumbnail of it.

Then paint with it.

Notice that near the bottom of the brush manager, there's a button named :

"Show Filmtrip"

The Filmstrip shows the same brush image of that stored brush, but in its own floating window.

Of course, there's much more to it: The Filmstrip is there so you can see the multiple frames when a brush is made of more than one image.

 For example, click the thumbnail of another stored brush. That makes that image the active custom brush.

Then click  "Add Frame''
on the first stored brush manager's panel.

This adds the current custom brush (which just came from the second stored brush) to the first. Now we have a custom brush stored which contains two frames.

Repeat this a few times:
  1. click the thumbnail of another stored single-image brush
  2. click the 'add frame' to add it to the first stored brush
After a few repeats, your filmstrip may look like this, with half a dozen of images contained in that stored brush:

This is now an animated brush. As you paint with it, Dogwaffle cycles through its frames, sequentially, from first to last frame, and back to the first frame and so on....

Storing a multi-frame custom brush:

When there's an animated brush you'd like to use again later, there are several ways to safely record it on file and make it available ater.

For one, you can go to the menu:

Brush > Animatred brush > Save...

This will save a single file of type ".anb"  (animated brush)

When you wish to restore this saved custom animated brush, simply use the counterpart menu:

Brush >Animated brush > Open...

If this is a popular brush you wish to quickly use again and again in the future, then you can also make it avalable in the Favorites: Click the Favorites button to open the Favorites panel:

Click [ + ] (Add favorite)

This lets you add the currently active custom brush (whether animated or single-image based) to the favorites.

Give it a good descriptive name.

The newly added brush now appears in my favorites.

< The preview thumbnail is in greyscale

There is another way yet: The Media manager (also found in PD Pro 3)

You can open the media manager (originally called mediapedia) from the Window menu...

Again, click the + (plus) sign button to add the current custom brush to the media manager's collection.

Notice that the prior brush, which was added to the favorites, appears here too. In both cases it saves the brush as a '.med' (media) file.

There are other ways to create custom brushes with more than one frames. One popular method consist of loading an image sequence or animation from an AVI file, and 'picking up' the images in a single step to transfer them to the custom brush. We'll see this in detail soon.

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  • Loading Multiple images into separate brushes

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