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Installing PD Pro v5.1b


Beyond PD Pro 5

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Run As Admnistrator

After rebooting and verifying that UAC is turned off, right-click the PD Pro 5.1b installer icon that should be on your desktop. Select 'Run As Administrator':

Step-by-Step Installation

The installation program will start looking similar to this:

The next screen shows the suggested installation folder.

PD Pro 5 is still a 32-bit application. If you're installing it on a 64-bit version of Windows, it should default to the (x86) version of Program Files:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Project Dogwaffle Professional

Otherwise it should be the normal path, if you're on a 32-bit version of Windows:

C:\Program Files\Project Dogwaffle Professional

The installer should pick the right place but if you notice that it's not picking the right place, please change it. You also should do this if in fact you want to install it in a different location. Enter the full path or use the Browse button to locate and/or create the desired destination folder.

Click 'Next' to continue.

We recommend that you leave the start menu folder at its default value too:

Click Next.

Next, we recommend that you do allow the installer to create a start icon on your desktop to easily run the program:

Click Next.

The installer is now ready to perform the installation:

Click Install.

There are several steps in the application. One that takes the most time is to move the many files that are part of PD Pro into the final destination folder.

Towards the end, there is also a phase where a few libraries and OCX files are installed and registered:

With UAC disabled and running the installer as Admnistrator, and assuming there isn't an antivirus still preventing registration or installation of these files, this should take just a few seconds.

If this fails, you may need to consult the F.A.Q.s for help.

After successful installation, click Finish. This will run Dogwaffle at this time. Since UAC is still disabled, we recommend re-enabling it, and rebooting the machine once more. Then test the program from the desktop icon that was created during installation.

'Unknown Error'?

If you get an error message that reads 'unknown error - Quitting', then you may need to run the program once as Administrator, so as to allow it to create a Temp folder in the installation folder of Dogwaffle.

Read below for more details.

Verification? Troubleshooting?

click here to continue:

Need Help?

the F.A.Q.


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Cowboy Shorts
Cowboy SHorts, animations created with
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PD Pro 5.1 TGE
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