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3D Webgraphics
Using Curvy 3D to build funky, cool and scary 3D widgets for use in 3D logos, web graphics and decorations

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When it comes to web graphics, there are times where you need simply shapes with few colors. And then there are times where a full 3D look can be of importance, even if you're looking at a Jpeg or static 2D graphic. With Curvy 3D you can easily make a multitude of 3D objects for use in web graphics, for 3D logos, 3D decorations in your web pages, etc...

Here are a few ideas and techniques.

Just Sketch it

on screenr:

or on YouTube:

Solid Boolean Subtractions

on screenr

After making such a char, you chould further poke at it with spikey widgit move and similar tools, and turn it into a forbidden char:
forbidden chair

Monkey Faces

easily sketch into 3D: ornamental masks
and fancy text

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