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Axe Eel Games

just developing games

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Axe Eel Games
Axe Eel Games is not a corporation or a big fancy team, I'm just a single developer who loves to create and develop new ideas.

My name is Alex, and I live in Northern Italy.

I started with robotics and electronics, then I migrated to the software side, aiming to develop "good old games" as we miss in these days.


I have a short tutorial on making Clouds in PD Howler and using them in my modified Torque3D game engine
Howler clouds in Torque3D game

Here's a game that I published in 2014:  AX:EL

You may notice in some of my game ideas that I still like robotics. I like aircraft that you can transform and customize. You'll see some of that in the customizations of your aircrafts.

Here's a recent trailer:  

I finally implemented in game some props made with Howler! Here's the first screenshot of the creature!


(click the image for full size original HD view)

I only recently started using PD Howler 9.6, which I got through Steam. I am using it more and more to create some of the content, such as the foliage for the underwater plants, and corals.

Howler is now definitely in my game development toolbox! In the future I'll add more things done with Howler, mostly foliage, particles etc. Another thing I'll try will be to use the terrain generator from the 3D Designer filter to get inspiration and sketch over it to make more arena maps.

An experiment I'm looking forward to do is to use the foliage editor and convert the output in BW and make some canyons with it.

I now have corals already in game and working well. Here you can see them clearly.

The game engine that I use is based on the MIT licensed engine Torque3D, which I have heavily modified (but I can confirm that the foliage workflow with Howler works on the generic Torque3D engine too!)

My procedure to create a coral is very simple:
  • I made a custom foliage brush. 
  • then I enabled the "useAlpha" and stored/added alpha on each stroke
  • then exported the final result as PNG.
  • Later I created a texture atlas with the foliage I had created in Howler and I imported it in the engine as "GroundCover", mapped the UVs and it was ready to go!

The result looks very nice and it takes very little time!

If you're interested in seeing updates to my games, follow the news on my Twitter feed:

Or visit and contact me here:

Last but certainly not least, I have videos in my YouTube channel here:

of the Moment

and also:
the Howler
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PD Howler

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PD Artist

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