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Hey there wafflers, it's Bruce Polk, with a few examples of my visual explorations, mostly animations which I created in PD Pro. I used to dabble with other programs but have pretty much given up on them, PD Pro being the only tool used in the examples shown below. Enjoy.

I am a lifelong resident of the san francisco bay area... in my early 50s, and semi-retired (read: looking for more cash :-)


~~~ FreeForm  ~~~

~~~ Axolotl ~~~

~~~ FLUME  ~~~


I had never used a computer until May 2006, had looked over people's shoulder at them a few times. my neighbor who was moving gave me her old laptop and well before I got online I was fascinated by what could be done artistically even with the basic 'paint' program, but of course was frustrated by its lack of versatility and looked online at different programs, finding none them very satisfying until I stumbled upon  dogwaffle, and it looked like something I could work with. maybe what got me hooked was seeing the 'totally oils' splashing around without making a mess!

  ~~~ OYSTERSTEW ~~~

I was always too impatient with traditional tools (for landcapes) but the equivalent tools in dogwaffle  make it go a lot faster..


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I've been using a 2007 ACER aspire desktop, with windows vista home premium, 2.50 Ghz. What I like most about dogwaffle... the way that it offers a solution to just about any visual problem with its variety of tools,
IF- you can think it through..! (I might come up with a different answer at a different time, ya know) answer #2: I like the way different
transparencies and layers can be used to get many interesting light effects.


PD Pro for Video