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  the "Dogwaffler of the Moment"

incredible paintings, outstanding

Tiffanie Gray   

all artwork shown here is (c) copyright Tiffanie Gray or their respective owners. No unauthorized use allowed. Please contact the author.

Recent update (July 2022) as featured in this newsletter #185 July 2022

Tiffanie Gray uses PD Howler as a part of all of her artistic work flows. Whether, fine art, Print on Demand, eBook covers or tutorials.

She writes:

I have been making tutorials for PD Howler since 2015, but have been using it far longer. Whenever I find an art style that I like, I try to reproduce in in PD Howler and I usually can! Spray Paint art, Landscapes, City Scapes, Ocean Scapes. combining with 3D art as backgrounds, or even creating textures for 3D assets.

 My YouTube Channel is here (It is in the process of some updating!) 
Where you can find free tutorials:

 Locals Channel is here:

 My paid tutorials for PD Howler can be found here:

 Wilderness Scenes, Advance Painting Techniques:

 How to Create Stunning Landscape Scenes with PD Howler:

 20 Powerful Postwork Procedures with PD Howler:

 How to Create City Scenes for Daz Studio in PD Howler:

 Tinkering with Textures:

 You can find my art here:

 and Here:
 and Here:
 and Sometimes even here:

 And ebook cover site (still under construction):

Learn 20 Powerful Postwork Procedures with PD Howler

Creating Stunning Landscape Scenes

August 2016 Update - More pictures and my tutorials(!) recently added in the Labor Day Newsletter!
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June 2016 Update - New pictures recently posted in the Newsletter for Father's Day! Click here to see them!

After Ross Mountain Bliss

Hello to all wafflers, new and old!

My name is Tiffanie Gray, I live in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. I have been using Dogwaffle since version 1.1a, in 2001!


I originally started using PD because I am a traditional artist (colored pencil, graphite, ink), and I wanted to branch out into digital, but wanted something that was more like traditional media without the steep price of the better known programs.

Dogwaffle fit the bill and I began learning it with glee. Amazingly, there is still a free version that works great, version 1.2 available here.

Zebra Oz CP

I started out with coloring some of my work done in pencil and scanned. But I also played with creating art from scratch. I didn't have a tablet to begin with, so the mouse did all the work.

I especially liked what you could do with particles (optipustics, at the time).

I could also design cool web graphics from scratch with ease.


The Stream

All of my art experience is self taught, which means I read or took small workshops to learn my traditional art. PD was the same, I watched the free demo videos, read the tutorials and talked to Dan Ritchie and Philip Staiger who were developing the program and doing great things with it. The Yahoo group community also had lots of good questions and answers for someone starting out with the program.


I have 5 kids, four of which are teenagers now, so it's not so much a problem finding time to work on my art, as it was when they were younger. One of the handy things about colored pencils is the ability to stop where you are and pick it up again later without having to remix paint, clean messes, etc. That same advantage is to be found with ditital art programs, especially PD Pro 4 (which I use now), which has the ability to save custom brushes, custom alpha selections, save in layers and save custom paint wells, so you can pick it all back up when you are ready.

        I primarily draw fantasy and science fiction pictures, but have dabbled in still lifes and landscapes. My favorite subject is currently space scapes. I like how quickly I can put a space scene or spacescape together and how easy it is to refine the piece. I don't have to rely on filters to achieve the effects I want, yet there are a number of filters and effects available to use if I want to. Plus many of them are adjustable.

I hope to do tutorials for PD Pro one day to help out other people who aren't sure where they want to go with PD. I like that there are still so many aspects that I haven't learned about PD, so that I can keep learning and enhancing my art.

Racing 9

I have recently started using PD to make textures for Second Life and have been able to created some really cool clothing and effects.

I have work in Colored Pencil at Elfwood, an amateur art gallery. I also have colored pencil tutorials at: Here and Here.
Here's a tutorial that I used to create the blonde hair. It was made for Photoshop but also works great with Project Dogwaffle!

More of my space scenes, all done in PD Pro 4 are available for viewing Here.
I also have some artwork for sale at CafePress, which is accessible from the Elfwood page.

I am working on my homepage (using PD Pro 4 for the graphics), but it is in a state of construction at the moment. It can be found: (removed)

I also do web work for several non profits and I use PD for graphic design for that as well.

Earth Rise
If you're interested in talking to me about commissioned work or have other questions, feel free to email me at Immortal Moments

Or contact me on Deviant Art: