Dogwaffler of the Moment - May 2005:


also known as

Jerry Faus

> more DOTM please <

My artist's name is Jerry Faus and I breathe and live in Boise, Idaho

I am approximately 20 to 35 years old last time I checked.

I am an amateur artist.

I discovered Dogwaffle when me and my cousins were Googling funny combinations of animals and breakfast items to see which ones really existed. For example, pancake cat. To my surprise, dogs and waffles have been a known species  :-)

My first dogwaffle version was and still is 1.2 (the free version). I have been waffling for 2 weeks as of mid May.

I am an artist at mind, but occasionally at heart. I'm also an inventor. Ever heard of velcro lipgloss? Yeah, that was me.

I use a super-fast HP. Dogwaffle is convenient, and you can do things quickly that would normally take hours.

I want more free stuff! keep those doggybags coming. I like to animate, but not with anything in particlular. Mostly claymation.

Check out for some of my writings. I am not only a painter, but also a writer.

Here is a landscape of a desert during a storm. I used optipustics for the grass and clouds

[stormy desert]

That other day I was bored so I painted a tree  :-)


Here are a couple of Optipustics settings I created and saved, and examples of effects from them:



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