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Dogwaffle Upgrades

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If you own a legitimate copy of an earlier version of Project Dogwaffle (such as PD 2.1, PD Particles, PD Artist 1, PD Pro 3.5, 4 etc...) and you wish to upgrade to a newer version, and/or side grade from an Artist edition to Howler edition, you don't have to pay full price for the newer version. Even to get the new full installer.

We offer discount coupons that give you the benefit of a reduced price, in some cases as much as 70% reduction off the full price. But you still get the full installer. You don't have to install it on the same old PC. If you no longer have a working version on your PC, no problem. If you have two or more PC's that's fine too. As long as it's for your own use. And as long as we can either verify your past purchase in our records or you can show us proof of purchasing it at Renderosity, Daz3D or similar resellers, you're good to go.

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