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    PD Pro, Howler

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PD Pro 8 Howler

good doggie!

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PD Pro Tutorials

V6 Features

Color FX

Bristle Brushes

Lighting Style


Symmetrical Painting

Mirror modes

Layer modes

fabulous bristle brushes

The lighting tool in action:

How the ColorFX
 filter works

colorfx filter - how it works

watch the english gentleman:
the english gentleman


Important notice: if you don't see your upgrade path from your current version, such as from PD 2 or PD Pro 3 or other editions, please don't give up: we do have discount coupons waiting for you to upgrade to v7 or v8, Artist or Howler edition, from nearly every prior versions. Just contact us to ask. Tell us which version you currently own (even if you got it for free by ordering something else through Trialpay). Let us surprise you! And please also let us know where you bought it (our BMTmicro store, DAZ, Renderosity etc...)


Cyber Monday 2014

coupon:   FANTASY59

discount:  59% off regular price

expires after Monday December 1st, 2014

Good for PD Howler 9.5 and Howler 9.2 / Artist 9.2

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Competitive Upgrade?

If you use Adobe products or many others, Dan has a treat for you.
Learn more here:

How to verify your final cost when ordering:

To find out what your net cost is, with discounts and tax, if any, and with no need to place an order, start here:  and pick the desired product, then click where it says "order here" along the right side. That will take you to the BMTmicro online store ordering page. Enter the coupon in the lower-mid section of that form.

IMPORTANT: After entering the coupon, hit the "Recalculate" button near the middle of the form to make it reveal your final total price. 


Can't see your Special Offer?

Ready to Upgrade from earlier versions?

If you'd like to upgrade to a more recent or the latest version from your current version of Dogwaffle, be sure to contact us to request a discount coupon.

  Contact Philip for your discount coupon. For example, you could save 66% off the regular price when upgrading from v8 to v9.




Special pricing available - 70% off. Contact us!

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School, Teacher?

Contact us for a free copy to deploy on your school's lab computer(s).

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Want it free?

Yes, you can still get PD Particles, PD Artist or PD 2, PD Pro 3.5,   v4 and even 5 for free throughTrialPay - just buy something else that makes it qualify for your free copy of the chosen product.

  Learn more here:

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