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Error Registering Files

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If you see a message similar to this one during installation:


Unable to register the type library: RegisterTypeLib failed: code 0x.....
Error accessing the OLE registry.

                      registerting a file during installation (StdOLE)

then it is quite possible that you're running on Windows Vista or Windows 7 with UAC enabled. We don't recommend disabling UAC, but you may need to work around UAC to install.

In this case it actually is more likely that you already have the file (stdole2.lib) and that UAC (or an antivirus with total protection i.e. with system file lockdown) will prevent it from being replaced.

It is probably safe to click Ignore and see if the installation continues. We've seen it reported as running just fine thereafter. But of course, your mileage may vary, as they say.

You could temporary disable UAC and see if that helps it install without the problem. Remember to reboot after disabling UAC so that the change can take effect. And remember also to re-enable UAC to the original level after the installation.

If that still doesn't do it, you could also temporarily(!) disable the antivirus (and perhaps during that time pull the wire from the internet as you won't need it during installation)

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Also check the F.A.Q.

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