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  what's new in PD

New features in PD Pro Howler and Artist editions, from v6, 7, 8, 9 and beyond

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From 2 seconds to 20, in just 2 more minutes of rendering after 8 hours initial rendering


the new Audio
                Recorder shows Waveform
the new audio recorder

New Media
the new media player


Are you new to Project Dogwaffle or PD Pro, Howler or Artist editions?

What is the difference between the Artist edition and the Howler edition?
PD Howler: It's so fast,... it's howling fast! Use for painting and animation
PD Artist:   a subset of PD Howler, without the animation - just paint!

If you want the best of the best with everyting in it, get PD Howler.

What's new in PD Howler 9

Read about what's new in Version 8 - Beyond particle brushes: Rules based foliage brushes, GPU accelerated 3D terrain modeling for quick matte painting background creation and a whole lot more! 

What's new in PD Pro 8 Howler?

 8.0 - Broomhead                   
        8.1 - Oh Sassy!       
- Skyock's Egret

Multithreading, 3D, video rotoscoping, image stabilizer,.... and it's only getting faster and better.... PD Pro 7 Howler adds more 3D at several levels.

Not the latest, still one of the greatest - if you can't afford v7 or v8 yet, get started with v6, and upgrade later:

What's new in PD Pro 6 Howler?

  This was the first of the Howler editions.

sample painting by leaftracker:

Project Dogwaffle
Main Features List

New in v9.0
Puppy Ray!

Ray traced renderings with lighting, global illumination, soft and hard shadows, geometry pre-filtering, fog, key-frame based animation and more cool effects derived from animated elevation maps, color maps and skydomes!

New in v9.0
3D Stickers!

Foliage brushes

new foliage system

Press Releases
Announcing the Release of PD Pro 7.1 Howler

7.2: The Motion Prediction Module
                Spacing in Motion Prediction Module

7.1: Greatly Enhanced
Curve Tool
What's new in the Curve tool of v7.1?

7.1: Tracking Mattes
tracking mattes

7.1: Rotoscoping:
simplify rotoscoping
                  work by temporarily stabilizing the video

new! Quick tutorial videos
on Youtube:

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new!Read the
PD Howler Review

Danas Anis reviews PD Howler 1 aka PD Pro
by famed Carrara 3D Artist
and Photographer
Danas Anis