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PD Howler 11.4 for Steam - Installation Notes

This is the summary of steps to update your PD Howler 11 to 11.4:

  1. Open 'Steam'
  2. Click 'Library', to find your Software products, including PD Howler 11
  3. Right-Click 'PD Howler 11'
  4. Click 'Properties'
  5. Click the 'Local Files' tab
  6. Click 'Browse Local Files'
  7. Double Click 'Update' to open that new subfolder
  8. Double Click 'Howler_11_4_RC131_SSE2_For_Steam.exe' to run and complete the installer.

  9. > IMPORTANT: Pay attention to the exact path where you'll install it, especially if not using the default location. See details below.


The update process from Steam doesn't modify your current installation. It is still 11.0 (or whatever you updated it to in the past, if you did, such as 11.2b). Steam merely adds an installer for the update, which you must run manually in order to get it to replace existing installed files with the new ones. At the end of the manual installation, you also must allow it to run once. This is so that it may register a few dependencies. Otherwise you'll get the familiar error: "Unknown error; quitting"

If you look in the folder where your current installation is located, you'll find a new sub-folder: Update

In most cases, that's on C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PD_Howler_11 :

Detailed steps to apply the update to version 11.4:

Start the  Steam app.

Select LIBRARY, and find your available PD Howler 11 software.

Right-click PD Howler 11, and select Properties

Select the LOCAL FILES tab and click BROWSE LOCAL FILES

This puts you into the folder on your PC where PD Howler 11 was originally installed by you and where Steam will have downloaded and placed a copy of the additional update installer.

You will notice a new subfolder: Update

Double-click it to open it:

For example, here we are in the default Steam installation path:

C: > Program Files (x86) > Steam > steamapps > common, and the PD_Howler_11 folder, and finally the Update subfolder:

The file in the Update folder is the installer. It is a full installer that is meant to be installed over the existing installation.

Double-click the installer to open it and start the installation process.

Read and accept the end user license agreement:

Unlike with v11.3, you can now select the destination folder for the installation. Soon you'll see the screen labeled Select Destination Location


Note that the installer has already chosen a default path. If that's where your installation of v11 lives, don't change it, just click Next.


1. If your installation is at the default location: leave it as is, no need to change it.

2. If your installation is at a different location (different path or drive or both): You can enter the right path right there in the text box. Or you can use the Browse button to navigate to the folder. Be careful when using the Browse button to navigate to the location. You must manually indicate where your current installation lives. However, pay attention to the fact that the installer will add 'PD_Howler_11' to the path you select. Look in the "Browse for Folder" view that appears. Don't click all the way down to the existing PD_Howler_11 path, just to its parent folder, because it would add a second (repeated) subfolder of the same name. It would not properly update your existing installation. What you should do is click to the parent folder (e.g. 'common') and see that it does add the PD_Howler_11 name to it at the end. You can verify the complete path once you're ready to proceed.

Here's an example: If we have the current v11 installation on E: drive in \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\PD_Howler_11, click down to the common folder which contains PD_Howler_11. The interface will show the chosen complete path with the added PD_Howler_11:

Again - be sure to verify that the proper path is showing before you continue. For example:

Then click Next to continue. You should see this message at this point:

This confirms that you are replacing files in that existing folder of the current installation prior to this update. Click Yes to continue after verifying the path once more.

Select Start menu folder:

Click Next once more and you'll be ready to install:

This is your last chance to verify the installation path. Click Install...

Installing Howler...

There will also be installation of MS Redistributable modules:

After installation - ready to launch.

As mentioned earlier, you must allow it to launch from the installer once.
This is important in order for Howler to register its components. If you don't, you will likely gt the "Unknown error; quitting" error.

You can see the version number in Help > About Howler

This is code name: Pushy whales and snow cones

Trouble-shooting Notes

What if you can't launch it after installation?

If you see the infamous error:  Unexpected error; quitting  - such as this:

...then that's usually easy to fix. Run the dogwaffle.exe program from the installation folder just once as Administrator so that it can (re-)register its dependencies properly. That's usually done at the end of installation if the installer was allowed to elevate itself to admin level, but Steam may have prevented it, or something like that. Also, if you didn't launch Howler at the end of successful installation, it would have missed the registration part. There may be other reasons. Let's not focus explaining it. Let's focus on fixing it and getting back to waffling and howling. In most cases, this error is showing because something wasn't completed as expected or something changed in the registry. Running dogwaffle.exe once as Administrator usually fixes it.  Learn more here.

After you have updated the installation in this manner, you can use Steam to launch it as usual, provided that it was put in the proper folder where the prior version 11 already existed.

Thank you for using Project Dogwaffle's PD Howler!

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