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Steam Notes #1

Error when trying to launch Howler:

Unexpected error; quitting? 


PD Pro, Howler edition

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Using PD Howler 10 or higher? read this too:

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Using PD Howler 9.6?

What's this Error?


There re many reasons possible, and if you do a Google Search for it, you'll find more than one reference to it.

However, what's the most common reason for Howler, and how to fix it?  Read on...

When you try to launch PD Howler (or other Project Dogwaffle software), if it fails with this error: Unknown Error: Quitting
Then that may indicate that you need to have the program re-register to Windows. This does not registration as in a license key thing. It's for some dll's or other components to be registered in the Windows system. These components usually get automagically registered when you first install the program AND run it straight out of the installer. This works because the installer has the power and is enabled to elevate the first execution of the program as Administrator. Normally, that's enough, and you won't need to run it as Administrator anymore. On occasion, however, it may be necessary to re-register its components, i.e. to run it as Administrator once again.

That can happen if you install a new version and keep the old one, such as in a different installation folder.

It can also happen if you install a version of PD Artist and a version, same or different, of PD Howler.

Finally, it can also happen if you install the same version of Howler, but in different folders. That'swhat happens when you had installed PD Howler as purchased from or (or, and then proceeded with an installation under Steam. The version installed and run through Steam is installed in a different location. Thus, both versions can exist. But only one (the latest one run as Administrator) will work.

If you've been running the old version and now installed the Steam version, that Steam version has the upper hand. It will run fine. If you want to run the old, non-Steam version, you still can, but you just have to run it once as Administrator. From then on, that old version has the upper hand. That means that you can't run it from Steam anymore - it will sow the "Unknown Error" upon launch from Steam.

You just need to run the Steam version as Administrator once to regain control of the Steam version. However, You can do that from within the Steam app.

So, how do ou do it? Simple: you find the dogwaffle.exe file from the Howler installation under Steam, and run it manually, as Administrator.

Here's how:


Uh-Oh - Steam won't launch PD Howler no more, what gives? It worked a few days ago.

Find where PD Howler is installed in Steam

Most likely, your Steam installation on Windows lives in the 32-bit tree of Program Files:  Program Files (x86)\Steam

Inside of the Steam folder, find the steamapps sub-folder:

Digging deeper, open the common sub-folder:

Keep digging, we're not done yet:  You may have many games here, we had just Howler. It shows as a folder named Howler 9.5, but that's probably a typo. You should have 9.6 if you got it on Steam.

So here we are in the Howler installation folder under Steam. You'll want to look for the file named dogwaffle.exe
See the tooltip? It shows the version as 9.6, Told you so, didn't I?

Ok, so what now? What next? Well, try to run it the usual way, double-clicking dogwaffle.exe or right-clicking it and selecting Open. You will get the same unexpected error. (I guess you could say that you can expect the unexpected error.)

So, try right-clicking, and use Run as Administrator.

This will set things straight, by re-registering the components that this installation of Howler needs. You can then Quit the program the usual way, wait a few seconds, and launch PD Howler again out of the Steam app - all good again.

Happy howling!  and thanks for waffling.

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