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Steam Notes

Updating PD Howler v11.0 to 11.2b (Steam edition)

PD Pro, Howler edition

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This is a free update only for legitimate users of PD Howler 11 deployed through Steam. It is meant to override the existing installation that runs originally at v11.0 to add new files and replace existing ones which will make it run at the level of features from 11.2b.

In short: If you currently run v11.0 (or v11.1, updated manually), you can use this update installer to bring your installed copy to version 11.2 (precisely: 11.2b).

This is not a full installer. You must have v11.0 installed first. The update is not served through Steam. If you uninstall and reinstall from Steam, you'll be back at version 11.0, but no problem: just reinstall this update.

Don't Open it from the web browser:
Don't open the downloaded file directly from the browser's download. Instead, be sure to download and save it first. Save it in a place you'll remember. Take note of where you saved it, so have a copy you can use again for re-installation, if necessary. Make a backup copy of it too, for example on a USB thumb drive, or another disk drive. This will save you time if you can skip re-downloading, if you need to reinstall it on the same or another PC of yours.

No Guarantees:
We reserve the right to change the content of this page and the file offered for download without notice. If you come back later, a modified version, probably improved, may be seen. Always do your due diligence if you decide to download. Run it through an updated antivirus scan. And check the file size and checksums.

Terms and Conditions:
By downloading this file you are accepting our general terms and conditions of use.

Download and save this file:

size: 54.3 MB (56,956,975 bytes)
Be sure to verify the exact size (right-click --> Properties).
If you know how to verify checksum, do that too:

Checksum information
Name: Howler_11_2_Update_for_Steam_11_0_RC095.exe
Size: 56956975 bytes (54 MB)

CRC32: 15C9499C
CRC64: 01AC8EC02316023C
SHA256: FE13F70129AFDACA2AFF7181E0AA1BE4CAA452438F92F13CDE36148D605FEA9C
SHA1: 237E28025F3BC7768580C35F2E23BD10198544EA
BLAKE2sp: EF92B74192C04D50734D332D8C390C47008454F7A7A66AFCDFC0D5CAA6B6FAF6

After that, run it through your antivirus  and then run the installer you just downloaded and verified.

If you installed in a different folder than the default location, be sure to specify that location during installation.

Note: You may get a warning that the folder already exists. This is normal, since you are indeed installing over an existing v11.0 installation. If you do see this, just click the option to allow it and continue. Some of the files (from 11.0) will then be replaced by the new ones (from 11.2b). That's what you want.

After installation, click Finnish and run it, and check the version info from Howler's menu: Help > About Howler...


If you run into problems such as the occasional "Unknown error; quitting" alert, check as usual for help here.

Enjoy waffling and howling with PD Howler 11.2b!  Watch a slideshow of recent images:

PD Howler on Steam:

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