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  PD Particles:
  also on Steam!

  Now also on Steam:
   PD Howler also supports  animation & video

 PD Particles 9 | Help | Now also on Steam

PD Particles is also available on Steam         

Find it here:

Need Help?

If you encounter problems with running PD Particles, or other installed versions, such as with this error message:

     "Unknown error: quitting."

This is most likely because multiple versions have been installed and they are competing for registration of some dependencies (dll, ocx). Simply run the desired one once again as administrator. You did that during installation, perhaps without realizing it, since the installer elevates the program to admin level upon first launch at the end of the installation. But installing another version may have done this too. The best and easiest way to tackle this is to set its permission to run as Administrator.

Having Trouble launching PD Particles? Want to learn more?

unknown error: Quitting

See here for details and examples under PD Howler

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Do you want to do more than just paint?

Build 3D Landscapes? Work on video clips & Animation?

Going Beyond PD Particles:   PD Artist and PD Howler

purely ballistic - PD
            Howler 9.5

Add filters, special effects, animation, tools for video, 3D landscapes etc...

PD Artist    -   paint, visual FX

PD Howler  -   paint, animate, video, visual FX