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Tutorial #1 : First steps
(Flash, 13 MB - powered by Wink)

larger version: 1024x768, 13 MB

Tutorial #2: coming soon
Loading and combining two 3D clips

This shows a first clip of a walking dino by, and a short clip of running betty done in Poser. We can load one as the main document (dino walk animation), and the other (running betty) as animted brush. The Dino animation can be processed to repeat the cycle a few times, to replace the background with a sky, and add rain or other effects. The running betty sequence in the brush can then be rendered over the dino walk by way of the brush keyframer. It can also be directly painted across the animation, using the ALT key down so it's not painting on the single current frame alone.

Here's the original clip from Eclipse Studios at

and here's our rendering from Poser, of running Betty:

Note that she's running in the 'wrong' direction. One thing we need to do thus is to flip it (horizontally)


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