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Saving a Render with Alpha
(aka: There's a Croissant in my Brush!)
Carrara can save a rendering in several popular formats, including Targa which is the default format of Project Dogwaffle. Furthermore, you can arrange for the render to use the alpha channel to hold a mask of a 3D rendered object against a transparent background. This makes it then easy for use as brush images in custom brushes.
Here's an example of what to do and how to do it:

Start Carrara (in this example Carrara 5 Pro), with an empty scene. Drag and drop the desired model from the model collection into the empty scene

A quick test render will show that the background is plain black.

Switch to the Render room.

In the Rendering tab, set your desired quality parameters such as Anti-Aliasing level.

Move on to the Output tab

Set the desired image dimensions for your upcoming renderings.

Let's first do this for a single image. Make sure it'll render the Current frame, not the whole movie.

Also set the file type to Targa to match Dogwaffle's favorite and default format.

There are some options available for Targa format output.

Should probably choose 32 bit format if you want to save the apha channel with it.

Then be sure also to check "Render Alpha Channel"

You're ready to Render.

Click the [Render] button in the lower left corner.

Wait until the rendering is completed. Then select the menu:

File > Save As...

Make sure the output format is Targa. It should be defaulting to that since we selected that as the output file format before rendering.

If the Options checkbox was checked in the prior dialog window, you will have one more last chance to select the bit depth . Make sure it stays on 32-bit depth so that the Alpha channel is not lost in saving.

You may want to repeat this for a few more renderings, at different angles or sizes of the croissant. Switch back to the 'Assemble ' room.
use the Rotate tool (keyboard shortcut 'r') and change the object's orientation.

Here's a second rendering:
Repeat a few more tims, at other angles. It all depends on whether you'll want to build an animated brush and from how many frames.

Here's we've got already 4 rendered images and a 5th being saved.

Loading the Image into Dogwaffle
Switching over to PD Pro, select

File > Open...

to open one of the Targa files saved from Carrara.

If the alpha channel isn't showing, it doesn't mean necessarily that it's not present. Be sure to use

Alpha > Alpha on/off

Now you should see the animated marching ants outlines around the rendered object. This is a hint that the alpha channel was properly rendered by Carrara and shows the opacity mask based on the object vs. transparent background.

Using the object as Brush

From the Brush menu, pick up the selection into the custom brsh:

Brush > Use selected as brush

As son as the brush is created, be sure to store/manage it
Now you can easily paint with it, or just click a few times to stamp it down at various locations.

And that's it. You're now ready to create many more new custom brushes based on a rendering of 3D objects, with transparency masks in the alpha channel.

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