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Exposure Sheet 2.2

PD Pro 5.1 has an updated Mouth plugin

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Welcome to the new Exposure sheet, aka Mouth plugin. PD Pro 5.1 includes this version. It is not just one plugin, one tool. It comes with separate tools that can be launched from inside the Mouth plugin, but also separately, i.e. from the general plugins panel, aka the killer plugins area.

If you haven't used the Mouth plugin or you don't know what an exposure sheet is used for, put your animator's hat on and watch the old PD 2.1 Exposure sheet first.

See the following video for a quick intro of the new features.

there's a snake in my boots
For a closer look at the Frame Painter plugin that's included too and which can be launched directly from within the Exposure sheet, look for the Cowboy movie example

PD Pro 5.1 TGE
new tools for pattern designs!

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