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  Dogwaffle On Sa le

Making affordable digital painting solutions for your PC even more affordable!

PD Particles is great for quick painting, drawing and sketchingPD ArtistPD Howler also supports digital painting,  animation & video, 3D and visuall effects

R.I.P..... March Madness  .... here comes

May Mania

44% of PD Howler 11
44% off PD Artist 11

PD Howler 11:

Regular price $49 - Click this link to see current promotional offer:

PD Artist 11:

Regular price $27 - Click this link to see current promotional offer:

Sidegrade or upgrade from v10 to get v11 at an even better discount!

Do you have an earlier version? Do you want to upgrade? Missed the promotional discount?
Are you a student or faculty member at a school and teach programming,
 animation, paint, gamedev, 3D landscapes, and special effects with Dogwaffle?
If you have a coupon for an even better upgrade discount, be sure to use it.
If you don't have your discount coupon but you feel like you should have one,
 or you misplaced yours, please don't hesitate to contact us to request one.

Look for more details and ordering info here

Do you create games and apps?

Project Dogwaffle is also on Steam

Project Dogwaffle is also on Steam

If you have an account on Steam, look for today's pricing there too!

New! PD Howler 11 is now also on Steam


Look here for more Dogwaffle products and pricing.

Discovering PD Artist - What is it? (Click here)


You can also order here

Also available directly through the developer's site,
Dan Ritchie:

See the slideshow -

fantasy landscape with snow and Moon rising

Please pass it around, re-post etc... and thank you for waffling and howling!

The snowy peaks and mountains of your dreams are not so distant anymore.

the mountains of your dreams are in reach