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how to model a sphere and take it beyond

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A sphere is a marvellous object to study some of the many features that Curvy 3D has to offer when it comes to painting onto the 3D objects, be it to define the color maps, add transparency holes through the alpha channel, defining highlight maps, bump maps or even real-time displacement maps, called Curvy maps.

But how do you start making a sphere in the first place? And I mean, a perfect sphere.

Creating the Perfect Sphere

Here's a quick tutorial to get the sphere, and then some experiments with painting on it.

We will draw a profile of the sphere, just half of it, actually. Just a semi-circle will do, such as the left half or right half. We will use the Lathe tool so that the circular arc will be swept around the vertical axis.

Start by using the Lathe creation tool.

Use a single view, perhaps the Front or Perspective view, and make sure you're reset the view. Start fresh from scratch if you're not sure how to. Or click in the upper-left corner of the view: click on the name of the view (such as Perspective or Front) and you will see a menu with, amongst other things, a Reset View option as well as Reset All Views.

Now, with the Lathe tool selected, just draw a semi-circle like the one below. Now this will only be an approximation. Don't worry about it not being perfect.

click image to enlarge

Ok, so we've drawn one long brush stroke. The Lathe tool normally expects you to draw another line. Instead, we will now want to select this first curve we just drew. Right-click the  object to locate and select the curve.

With the curve now selected, you can have it reshaped with one of the modifiers from the Curve menu. Select the Semi-Circle option:

In the lower-left of the view, click the centering icon to center the object into the middle of the view.

You may also need to resize it or zoom in.

Here you go, a nicely shaped perfect sphere. If you switch back to multiple views you can reset (center) them each and easily get to about this look:

And here's another version, a look at the same ideas through this video:

view it from screenr  or youtube below:

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