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got trouble with 64-bit Vista trying to create an Animation?
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Alternate plugin to Create an Animation

If you're using PD Pro (3, 4) under the 64-bit version of Windows Vista, there's a chance you may have run into a problem when creating a new animation. Typically, if you select

menu: Animation > Create...

the program could exit with error code 6 (Overflow) or error coe 11 (divide by zero).

At the time of this writing we haven't determined yet what and where that's happening, but we found something that may be a workable solution as a workaround.

Of course, you can create an animation in other ways, such as by loading an existing one (menu: Animation> Load sequence).and adding blank frames to it.from the Animation toolbar, or loading a Spritesheet and converting it to an animation, or loading an AVI file, to name a few.

Below is a plugin built without optimizations so it has a better chance of working in 64-bit OSes too.

Alternate Animation Creation plugin

This plugin lets you create a new animation in very similar ways to the built-in approach found in PD Pro. But it runs as a separate plugin, and if it crashes, that's it, the main program, PD Pro's "mothership" should remain unaffected (in theory anyways ;-)

We've thrown in a few more features too, as described below.

  • Installation

Here's the plugin, get it now:

(download and save it in the folder mentioned below)

Don't 'Open' the file from the Link. Instead, Save it.

You can save it into the PD Pro  installation folder, typically:

       C:\Program Files\Project Dogwaffle Professional

  by default - if that's where you installed yours, assuming PD Pro 4 full installer was used. If you have PD Pro 3, or upgraded from PD Pro 3 to 4, yours might typically be in the PD Pro folder:

       C:\Program Files\PD Pro

If you had problems with installation under Vista because of UAC, perhaps you installed into 'My Programs' instead of 'Program Files'. Wherever your copy of Dogwaffle lives, put the above plugin into that folder. It will be amongst many other executables and many more other files in that folder. Many other plugins's filenames there also end with '_pm.exe', those are the plugins from the 'Misc' category. (i.e. miscellaneous plugins as opposed to Brush plugins, Filters, Import, Export,...) where all plugin files ending with _pm.exe will appear.

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