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Intro & Download  |  Launch & User Guide | Automatic Launch

  • Launching CreateAnim2
  After copying the plugin there, run PD Pro and hit 'k' for "killer-plugins", or use

       menu:Window > Plugin panel  (Plugins)

   and select the 'Misc' tab
   in the plugins panel:

  That  will let you create a new animation.

  • Plugin User Guide

So here are the available features of this plugin. The main focus should be the creation, so the selection of desired number of frames, and the creation of that new animation with that selected count. (items 1 and 2)

  1. Number of Frames - The text box or the slider can be used to set the desired size of the new animation you're about to create. Careful, large numbers in the text box can cause a huge amount of memory to be allocated, with all possible consequences including 'going virtual' or crashing.
  2. Create - Click the 'Create!' button to create a new animation with the displayed frame count. The old existing animation, if there is one, will be destroyed, but not until you agree. A dialog popup will warn you of the impending desctruction of the current animation. (at least in PD Pro 4)
  3. Play -  Once you have created an animation, you can play it. Of course, this may look very boring, like nothing's happening. After all, all frames are copies of the initial image, so unless you have done further changes such as painting a few brush strokes, different ones in each frame, you won't see anything moving yet.
  4. Stop - The counterpart to starting or playing the animation is to stop it.
  5. Free Anim - If you need to free up some memory, you can free the animation. This might help. Of course, you will have lost the animation you had unless you first saved it from the  Animation menu.
  6. Scrub -  This will simply re-enable the display of the scrub bar. It's normally visible already after creating an animation, so nothing gained. But if you accidentally close the animation toolbar window, this will bring it back. So does a trip to the 'Window' menu.
  7. Done - Well, that's it, you can close it. .... or not, you might want to keep this handy tool around. Your call.
If you are a frequent animator, and you think you'll use Dogwaffle a lot for exactly this purpose, to create new animations, then you might want to configure Dogwaffle in such a way that it automatically launches with this new plugin open. See below (Automatic launch)  for details.
Intro & Download  |  Launch & User Guide | Automatic Launch

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