Project Dogwaffle Version 1.2

  What is v1.2?
nature painting with the free Dogwaffle 1.2
Dogwaffle version 1.2 is a new product based on the powerful achitecture of Dogwaffle 2.0.  We've created a light, yet powerful tool for artistic expression...  it replaces the older free v1.11b release which dates back to early 2002.

The complete presentation of v1.2 has been updated and is now here.

For users who want to get the full power of Project Dogwaffe, we offer the commercial version at a low price.  In it, you will get even more  power with advanced features, more filters, more special FX and more animation support. And most importantly, there have been and likely will continue to be regular updates and free patches for the commercial release. (for example, the January 2004 release of 2.0 was followed by almost monthly by several patches - 2.0b, 2.0c, 2.0d, 2.1, etc...)

If you work for a hardware manufacturer of peripheral devices (such as tablets, tablet PCs, printers, scanners, digital cameras,...) and you are interested in offering a paint program with your products to your clients, then this version 1.2 is meant for you. Or you might want to contact us about an OEM license for redistribution of our commercial version.