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General File Converter

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Dogwaffle's General File Converter
This tool comes in the form of an export plugin, with filename ending in _px.exe. You can thus expect to see it in the Exports tab of the lugins panel. (Our panel in some earlier versions of PD Pro). The main goal is to provide a few good exports and imports to common raster image file formats. You can use it to import an image too. You can also use it to send or receive an image with the Clipboard.

One handy way to use it is to have it handy on the side while painting, so you are always just one click away from saving.

Using the General File Converter

WHen working on an image in Dogwaffle, we recommend saving to its native format, .tga files (Default Targa). It may not produce the smallest file sizes, but it's lossless, and loads back quickly. When you're ready to send an image to a different application, or publish to the web, or otherwise use the artwork with something that doesn't understand .tga files, then you'll want to convert the image to another format, that's when you'll want to use the general file converter. There may be other very convenient ways to use it. Read on.

At any moment during your creating painting, start by launching the plugin. If your version of PD has the Export submenu in the Files menu, use that to select "Show plugins..."

You can also open the Plugins panel the traditional way from the Window menu.

Shortcut 'k' is always a favorite shortcut:

     'k' for killer lugins

You will want to use the Export tab (also known as the 'Out' tab).

Run the General File Converter from there.

<<< click image to enlarge

Once the plugin is running, you will see your current image (that which is in the Main image buffer). You can click "Zoom to fit" to see it all if it's too big at first.

You can click the 'About' button for info about this plugin.

This version supports the following formats:


(Tga is not included since that's the native format of Dogwaffle and found as the default File->Save... option.)

File Menu

The File menu has the usual Open and Save items. Use these to load a new image from file or to save the currently displayed image to file. Note that if you load an image, it only loads it from file to the plugin. You then still need to send it to Dogwaffle if indeed you want to use it in Dogwaffle.

Here's also the list of formats available for saving, or loading.

Batch Browser

One more option in the File menu is the batch browser. Use it to navigate through the file system and locate a particular image file.

The Image menu

This menu lets you resize the loaded image and see some essential information about the image.

Most importantly, you can connect to Dogwaffle's main image buffer, and send the image from the plugin back to Dogwaffle, or grab the current main buffer image into the plugin: Export to PD, or import from PD, respectively.

Edit Menu

You can also send and receive images from the Clipboard, of course. SImply use the Copy or paste functions from the Edit menu.

Well, and that's basically it for this version of the general file converter. It is fairly simple to use and straight forward. We encourage you to try it and keep it handy. Over time you may see new features added to it, which we think may make your use of it even more convenient.


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