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turn your image into a tube, and fly through it
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Tunnel Plugin
You create an image, or load it from an image file, and now you want to fly through it as if it was the wallpaper plastered on the inside of a tunnel. It's as simple as that.

In the current version, the image needs to be a square shape, such as 512x512 pixels, 800x800, etc...

Simply start with the image, then use Create Animation, or if you already have a blank animation of the desired frame count, load the image into the first frame. Then use the tunnel plugin.

Launching the Plugin:

Simply run the plugin from the Plugins panle. You will find tunnel_pf.exe inside the "Filter" tab. This one is an animated filter, you must have an animation or at least a placeholder for it in order to use the plugin. Only the first frame of the animation is used, to then replace all frames with the animated tunnel vision.


The Shft x and shift y values controls the transformation in cylindrical mapping transformation. If you set one or the other to zero (left most minimum), the motion is either straight linear without rotation, or it is rotation in place without forward movement. Anything in-between will reate a variety of great movements. Here are a few.

Tunnel 1 - used the Sky render as a basis

Tunnel 2 - made loopable thereafter

Tunnel 2 - changed coloring, and added Embossing (in Timeline Editor)

Tunnel 3 - Shift X is zero, only rotating, no flying in

Tunnel 4 - Shift Y is zero, only flying into the tunnel, no rotation

Tunnel 4 loopable

Tunnel 5 - with post work for darker center. Scary deep tunnel.

Fun things to Try:

After applying the tunnel effect once, apply it again. Or throw an edge detection filter on it first, and emboss. Lots of fun things to explore.

If you have lots of RAM, you'll want to work with high resolution images and resample to lower res when done for a little bit of smoothing.


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