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August 2011 - a Small Update

new color wells, updated frame painter & store brush as image buffer

This is a small free update (without an installer). This update is for PD Howler 1, PD Pro 6 Howler!

----- Requirements: ------------------------------

This free add-on was made for use with PD Howler (PD Pro 6) and beyond. It is however likely that it will also work with earlier versions of PD Pro. If you have other versions, you may want to first check if you already have this plugin. For example, it is already included with PD Artist 2.

----- Content:  -------------------------------------
  • A few new or updated color well files (*.wl files). If you work a lot with color wells when painting, you'll want to explore these. Here they are:
    • Cools and warms.wl
    • Earthtones 1.wl
    • Earthtones 2.wl
    • Earthtones 3.wl
    • Fleshy tones 2.wl
    • Fleshy tones.wl
  • An updated Frame Painter plugin (which is an important tool for animators). You haven't seen the frame painter yet? It goes back to PD Pro 5.1b but it's a free plugin for users of earlier PD Pro as well...  See this general info (free plugin for all PD Pro users) see this tutorial, or this one, or this more recent one
  • New plugin: Store Brush as Image Buffer - a quick way to transfer a small part of your image into a stored image by way of first picking it up as a custom brush. This comes in handy when you first create a custom color palette. See it used in this video tutorial
  • Look at it as a way to store just a portion of the image buffer, rather than the entire buffer.

----- To download:   ------------------------------

Simply right-click and save the following file to your desktop:   size: 50.4 KB (51,698 bytes)

To install: 

  1. Right-click the downloaded & saved zip file, and select 'Explore' this will open it as a compressed folder. There's no need for 3rd-party extraction tools (though they may work too).
  2. Drag and drop the files out of the compressed folder view, copy them into the folder where you have installed PD Pro / PD Howler.

----- To verify & use it:  --------------------------

    After having extracted the files into your PD Howler folder, launch PD Howler and find the new plugin within the killer plugins tool:

       keyboard 'k'  --> Misc tab --> Store_BrushAsBuffer_pm.exe

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