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Fun with Particles
more fun: Animation
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Pine Branch look?

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In this tutorial we'll explore more of the controls of particle brushes, and ways to use them within animations. This can be useful for explosive effects, fireworks and more fancy backgrounds.
Click the image below and note the parameters in the particles panel. It was started with the Grass preset, and then modified to create the look you see.
In particular, these are the key parameters changed from the initial values for Grass':

Max. particles: 555
Particles per emission: 5
Gravity: 0
Initial velocity: 15
Terminal velocity: 15
Drag: 0
Life span: 55
Randomize value by: 0
use mouse velocity: 0 (left end)
Shading: unchecked

The above image shows a possible resulting image if painting at or near a single point by the middle of the image buffer. Essentially by drawing around in small circles..

Ending with SHIFT down:

When you stop drawing a brush stroke, there are a number of particles still alive which haven't ended their life span yet. You will see them as 'short' stubs of uncompleted particle trails, like here:

To avoid thiese, press and hold the Shift key down when you want to stop generating any new particles. Keep moving the mouse. No new particles will be created while SHIFT is down.

Disabling the SPLINE interpolation:

By default, PD Pro may be using spline interpolation for drawing between points recorded as the latest brush stroke. When you use SHIFT-A (again) to re-render the most recent brush stroke, it can generate many more points by way of sline interpolation than were initially recorded.

Below is an example: drawing from left to right, then using 'u' for undo, then SHIFT-A to re-render the brush stroke:

Spline interpolation can be disabled.

In PD Pro 4, look for the Settings submenu in File menu:

File > Settings...

In earlier versions it's been known as the Prefs menu (Preferences)

Select the"Interface" tab.

Look for the Spline based input checkbox.

Uncheck the Spline based input option

Click 'Save' to save your changes.

Now, if you undo and then SHIFT-A to re-render the most recent brush stroke, it will go through the same number of points as initially recorded for the brush stroke.

The particles may and will shoot in different directions each time but they'll be roughly the same number or disance between emissions.

Draw a lengthy brush stroke around the center. If you then use 'undo' and redraw it with SHIFT-A, it will look similar to the original, albeit with differentrandom 'directions'; for the particles.

Painting Particles into an Animation:

Get ready for animations now:

Start with a Blank image. Use

Animation > Create...

and create an animation of a few frames, perhaps 30 to 60 frames.

In the same menu, launch the Stroke Player:

Animation > Stroke player...

Set the Playback mode to 'All frames':

Then click 'Replay' in the Stroke player. This will cause the particles to be re-rendered, using the most-recent brush stroke.

here is the avi file:  (vid2.avi - xvid codec, 105 KB)

Exploring Further:

You can change parameters, such as brush style from Shrinking lines to Line or Brush and 'push' the current regular brush (internal brush or custom brush) along the particle paths. And then re-render the brush stroke. We'll explore this later.

Another thing you can also do is to pick up the animation as an animated brush, and start painting funny things with this. That too will be explored further.

For now, let's play with the parameters and make it look more like an animated cosmic blast or explosion.

Increase the number of particles that the system generates per emission.
You now will see more particles ejecting from the center at the same time.

Ready to re-render it with the Stroke player? Start from a blank animation or add the new rendering over the prior animation.

Here's a possible animation resulting from it:

view larger version here  - 

or download (zipped AVI, xvid codec, 401 KB)

stay tuned for more to come:


click to see animation

animated tadpole explosion
(using displacement map from Swap buffer)

click here to see larger version


Fun with Particles
more fun: Animation
animated fireworks
Pine Branch look?

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