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Howler sez woof to Bryce

Bryce 6.3

Bryce 5.5
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the prior version: Bryce 6

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::: What is Bryce?

Bryce is a popular 3D program aimed at easily making beautiful landscapes, scenic vistas, fantasy worlds and renderings of 3D graphic art.

Bryce is easy to learn and use, very affordably priced, and for some 3D artists an essential part of the tools and gadgets used in everyday 3D/2D creativity. Bryce can also be considered a great rendering tool, when other programs such as Amapi or Hexagon are used for making the models's geometry and Bryce is used to do great renderings with them.

TIP:  If you can't afford the latest version (6 and beyond), consider trying version 5 and upgrade later. You may end up saving a lot of money, since we offer such a strong discount on Bryce 5.

PDParticles & Bryce

Bryce @Yahoogroups

A great companion modeler for Bryce:
                              3D fast and easy 3D modeling, sculpting,
                              painting, posing for 2D artists

Getting started with Digital
Painting on a slim budget:

PD Artist now 19!
Draw, Sketch, Animate & Paint
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PD Artist at $9?

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Going beyond:

Turn still image Bryce renderings into dramatic animations with Project Dogwaffle for postwork

'traffic' artwork by Rochr
postwork in PD Pro

::: Where is Bryce now?

Bryce was acquired in 2005 by DAZ, and is now available at

We're working with Purplus to bring you several older, very affordable  versions while they last. Version 5 is not the latest, but still one of the greatest there was and it is available at a bargain. If you are starting with 3D digital art and want to cautiously try it, this is a great way to do it. If you don't need the boxed version, grab the free version at

::: How (easy) is Bryce?

Is Bryce easy? fun? or difficult and odd? that's for you to find out and decide. The general consensus is that Bryce is very easy to pick up and rather fun to use.

We have some tutorials here

One of the best known Bryce resources for freebies and tutorials is Brycetech, visit or also

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Someone else is willing to pay for your copy of Project Dogwaffle, if you buy something from them first - and there are many products and services to choose from!

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