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 Project Dogwaffle, Howler Edition - Axehead:
 Update 1: Curve tool supports Animated Brush

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 We've had the Curve tool for a while, and it has grown over time to do things like rotoscoping, motion tracking, and create fancy shapes along which to render a brush, on demand or automagically.

Here are some places where you can discover the Curve tool, in case it is new to you. The Curve tool goes back to PD Pro v5.x:

So, the Curve tool is an essential feature for a great many activities. Among many other things, once you have a curve defined, you can render a brush along it.

Now we also can render that brush even when it contains an animation, i.e. it is an animbrush. It can render into the current single image, or it can be animated to render as animated brush into each frame of an animation. (look for that in the More... options. When rendering it into a single image, this can be on demand in the Finish section, or automatically, when configured to auto-stroke or auto-draw the brush into the newly stroked curve's path.

An animated brush is essentially one wich has not just one image loaded but a bunch of them. Sometimes they are random images without correlation, on purpose. Sometimes they are sequences of a very precise type. Such as a looping walk sequence that you rendered from Poser, DAZ Studio or other 3D programs, or that you draw by hand, or even coming from real video footage.

When the brush is an animbrush, it renders along the curve and constantly updates and advances to the next frame of the brush as it renders into the current still image. Or even when rendering into an animation. Now you can make those animbrushes come to life in a new animation through the Curve tool.

Below you will (re)discover some great ways with the Curve tool.

Animated brushes and the curve tool