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 Project Dogwaffle, Howler Edition - Axehead:
 Update 1: a Better
Puppy Ray GPU!

digital painting has never been so much funPD                                  Howler also supports animation &                                  videoPD                                  Howler also supports animation &                                  video

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We've added some great new features for even better rendering: how water attenuates and scatters the light from the deeper regions of the oceans beneath. There's ground fog too, for our friends on the East coast who celebrate Ground Fog Day.  And even caustics projected to the ocean floor.

Look for the new controls in the World tab. We've also brought back thr 'Render' button. Great option to use with Antialiasing disabled while experimenting with other settings and finetuning your rendering options until it's time for the final render with many passes of antialiasing.

There may be more than in this preview. Take a peek, look around, try it soon!

Depth attenuation
is basically something like this: - Red light is absorbed after about 15 feet of depth - Green light is absorbed after about 80 feet of depth - Blue light is absorbed after about 1000 feet of depth. That is for the entire distance the light travels through the water, from the light source, to the point being evaluated, and back to the viewer, as long is the ray is under water.
Scattering is light diffusion in water. It's calculated a lot like fog, except it's based on downward depth instead of the view depth in the direction of the view. The deeper the depth of water, the more that scattering color prevails. You can make it any color, such as milky brownish for water like in a lake that is filled with dirt after a rain storm, or red tint for iron-rich deposits on the flanks of Martian landscapes, or murky greenish because there's something creepy growing down there where the sea monster is lurking, or Tahiti Turquoise, because you deserve that vacation,... whatever you like. It's Puppy Ray time! Make it your own world, with a splash!

We're also adding a ground fog feature, i.e. elevation-based haze. It starts right above the water level. If you're on the East Coast, you now get to celebrate "Ground Fog day" all year long!

Oh yes, and there's also a Caustics feature.  Try it with animation.

Below are a number of renderings done in Puppy Ray GPU with the new features.

Depth Attenuation:

Detail Texture Changes:

Scattering Term:

Specular Change


Ground Fog (Haze)