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PD Howler 9.6 Downloads -

 April 2015 - Fix for Layer Blending, Magic Pink mode

Now you can flatten 2 layers at a time

PD Pro, Howler edition
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Important Prerequisite

This patch is only for Howler 9.6. If you have an earlier version, contact us to upgrade. If you have Howler 9.5 then 9.6 is a free update. Just tell us where you got v9.5 and we'll send you the update to 9.6. Then you can apply this fix too.

What does it fix?

There was a problem in v9.6 when merging (flattening) 2 layers (the currently selected and the one below). While using layers in the "Magic pink" blending mode, the prior version 9.6 of Howler did not properly combine two layers when flattening the current layer and the next one below.

This fix addresses the issue, the flattening of two layers in Magic pink mode now works.

This fix is temporary and includes a temporary Debug message that appears after the flattning of two layers: It will show a popup window with a number in it (such as 17 for magic pink blending mode). If you notice any issues while using the flattening of two layers in other layer blending modes, please take note of the reported debug number and let us know what the number was.

How to Install the patch?

You will need to already have PD Howler 9.6 installed before applying this patch.

If you have Howler 9.5, contact us for your free update to 9.6.

Beware: This patch is not distributed as an installer at this time. You will simply download a file named dogwaffle.exe, that is meant to replace the one you already have in your Howler 9.6 installation folder. (This is the main file that you use when you launch PD Howler.)

Note: We recommend that you save a backup copy of the currently existing file before replacing it with this new one, to make it easy to revert to the prior version if you want, just in case.

Note: you can't update the existing file with the new one if PD Howler is still running. Be sure to exit any currently running session of Howler. (you may need to use Task Manager to find and terminate them if you can't seem to locate an open window with Howler in it. Or, you might want to reboot.)

Download and save this new version of the file: 

       Download this File:
   (compressed size = 4.39 MB (4,606,691 bytes exactly))
size after extraction: dogwaffle.exe    (size = 13.8 MB (14,478,336 bytes))

Note: this is a free update only for legitimate users of a purchased copy of full Howler 9.6. An unzip key is needed to extract the file from the downloaded archive.  Contact Philip and provide details about your order such as a receipt, invoice or order confirmation email, in order to request your unzip key. If you ordered Howler 9.6 on Steam, please also provide your Steam handle. You must be a member on the Discussion group. If you ordered from us at the BMTmicro store, provide order details (email used when you ordered).

Important: Be sure to scan it once more through your antivirus. Never trust downloaded files, especially executable  (*.exe) files, even if you trust us, the poster. After all, if the site was hacked and we didn't know, it could have been tampered with. So always be on the safe side, scan your downloads with a good, up-to-date antivirus. We do the same, every time, no exceptions. If you need help with this, don't hesitate to ask.

Then, copy the file into the current Folder where you have Howler installed.  That location may vary from case to case depending on how and where it was installed, but the default location would be something like this:
C:\Programs Files (x86)\Howler

If you installed PD Howler 9.6 through Steam it could be something like this:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PD Howler 9.6

After replacing the old dogwaffle.exe with the new version of the file, you will need to run it just once as Administrator:

Right-click the newly copied dogwaffle.exe file, and select Run As Administrator.  This is needed only once to register the file and its components. In short: to make it work right. Otherwise you'll get an Error: "Unexpected Error, Quitting" or something like that.

If you experience any problems, revert to the old dogwaffle.exe and run as Administrator once again. And please let us know.

Show me More?

Here is a video that shows using two layers in Magic Pink layer blending mode, now also working when flattening just these two layers.


Layer Blending Modes


You will need PD Howler 9.6

to use this free update.

If you have a legitimate copy of PD Howler 9.5, contact us with proof of purchase to request the free 9.6 updater. Then you can apply this additional free patch.