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PD Howler 9.6 Downloads -

 The Howler 9.6 Upgrade from PD Howler 9.5 is free

PD Pro, Howler edition

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Important Prerequisite

This is a free upgrade for PD Howler 9.5. It must be installed on top of the 9.5 installation.

What does it fix?

Read about what's new in v9.6 here.

This is also the first ever version that was released to Steam.

How to Install this update?

Download the executable installer. Save it to your Downloads folder or the desktop. Don't open it directly from the web page. Some antivirus programs will block it.

File name = Howler_9_6_upgrade_only_rc014.exe
File size = 3.92 MB (exactly 4,118,284 bytes)

Scan it with updated anti-virus software.

Then make sure that the old version 9.5 is not currently running. In case of doubt: reboot your PC.

Then run the installer. When it asks for where to install it, be sure to chose the same location as where 9.5 can be found.



On to version 10


You will need PD Howler 9.5

installed and working to use this free upgrade.

If you have a legitimately obtained copy of PD Howler version 9.5, then this is definitely for you.