Notas Antiguas
      an accoustic guitar duo with Warren LaPlante & Ruben De Anda
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Hola amigos! Do you like Accoustic Guitar music?

This is beautiful accoustic music, latino style. When you close your eyes and listen to this, you might think you're in some Rio Bravo movie, the Alamo, Zorro or any other pistoleros, "pelicula con Antonio Banderas"!  Some is relaxing, other tunes are down right exciting and unnerving. Ay Ay Ay Carramba! 

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accoustic guitar duo Notas Antiguas
Listen to free preview  samples from CD #1 here:

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Interested in learning to play the guitar? Hire these experts to teach you! They are available for private engagements & parties too.

Visit Notas Antiguas on MYSPACE to view their calendar of scheduled appearances and hear more songs:

Listen, then buy their music, or hire them for our special events: quinceaneras, company picnics, private engagements and other celebrations!

At the Mercado, Little Italy (San Diego)

(short - new1 & new2)

new song from second CD, performed at the Mercado

(long - mercado-coolstuff1)

cool music - accoustic guitar duo   

also on KYTE TV  - look for Live events!

Mercado 1, at Little Italy
 (click below for larger version at Youtube)


Here's a clip from local street fair (Poway farmer's market)

Note: if you click the video you will be transferred to the myspace page

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