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Alpha Skills Lesson #4
Extracting a Simple Logo
from a Complex Background

when few colors are involved over a color-rich photograph, color gradient or complex rendered background image

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Notice that the top 'Ping' didn't have the inner islands filled in blue, as expected, because we didn't originally select those.

You can fix this in the reconstructed image by using the fill tool. First, select the desired color, such as green, with the turkey baster (color picker tool).

Then aim the color picker over the gren area and click to pick up this color.

Before using the fill tool, you'll want to make sure that swap mixing is no longer enabled, and instead the two image buffers are merged. So far we didn't do that, we simply had lined up the two images, but never merged them.

Merge the two now, right-clicking the image buffer thumbnail, and selecting 'Merge with swap...'

This merging action automatically will disable swap mixing (it doesn't clear the swap buffer's content though).

You can thus now use the fill tool safely, knowing that it will fill exactly the areas you're selecting.

Click the white inner island in the 'P' of Ping. This will turn it from white to green.

Do the same with the two oval islands in the 'g' at the end of Ping.


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