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Painting a filled Circle to use as Custom Brush image
Another way for similar result is to paint a filled circle with the oval tool, and pick up the image into a custom brush. That tool can also pick up an image sequence, thus into a custom animated brush.

Start by selecting the oval, or ellipse tool. Click the tool's icon in its lower right area, to get the filled version. If you click the upper-left area of the icon, you get the empty (hollow) ellipse.

To make it a perfect circle, you can use a snap grid from the Display Settings panel:
Enable the Drawing grid, and make it visible with the Visible grid checkbox too.

Ths helps you draw a perfect circle

Copy to Alpha, in two steps

You can copy the image of the filled circle to the swap buffer.

use the Image menu: Copy to swap

Then copy the Swap image to alpha.

If the image is a white filled circle on black background, your alpha buffer now contains a nice selection of the circle.

You may have to invert alpha (from the alpha menu) if the circle was black on white background.

Adding a small black border around the circle.

Here's a trick: grow the selection in the alpha mask by a few pixels, to add a border around the selected image.

Use the menu: Alpha > Grow Alpha...

Set the desired size.

If you wanted to build just a  regular  single-frame custom brush, you could now simply use "Use Selected as Brush" from the brush menu.

The inner part would be a white filled circle, but a few more dark pixels around it would also be selected because of having grown the alpha region to include some of the black pixels.

However, we want to go beyond the single-frame brush, and build this into an animation, to make a custom animated brush consisting of many frames.

part2 part3 part4 part5

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