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Animated Brushes

exploring fun things to do with animated brushes
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Adding More Effects to the Frame Sequence

If you want to add more effects and transformations to the image sequence in the brush, you can choose:

Options > Keep Render

For example you could apply the Gaussian blur, or transforms to change the size, etc...

Here's the effect after adding Gaussian blur. You can apply it several times to make it even more blurry.

Starting with the first frame

When you paint with an animated brush, PD advances from one frame to the next. When you are done with a brush stroke and release the mouse button, it remembers what was the last frame painted with. For the next brush stroke, it then continues to paint with the next frame, until it reaches the last frame and starts all over from the first frame.

If at any time you want to start painting the next brush stroke with the first frame, you can select the option from the menu to reposition the frame counter to the first frame:

Brush > Animated brush > Goto first frame

However, you can also force it to always start from the first frame of the animated frame sequence, automatically whenever you click the mouse down to start painting with it. Choose the toggle option:

Brush > Animated brush > Goto first frame on mouse down

You can also reverse the sequence that's currently in the animated brush:

Brush > Animated brush > Reverse direction

Painting with animated brush over Animations
When you have an animated brush loaded, you can not only paint with it over the current image buffer. You can also paint with it over and across the frames of a new animation.

press and hold the ALT key down
while painting over an animation

 One by one, the system takes the next frame from the animated brush and stamps it over the next frame of the animation, and then advances both to the next frame.
There are a lot of possibilities with this. Here is an animation in which we painted several times from the center to the outside edges in slight circular motion, with the ALT key down. The animated brush used in this case had several things going, including color changes and size changes (using the Transform filter in the animated brush timeline to change the scale from min to default values)

Here's an example where additional post work was done on the animation, with the Timeline editor in the animation menu. The animated brush contains the image of a cross, is undergoing color changes as well as size changes. The color edge detect filter was applied twice on the animation, as well as the Mystic vision filter.

part2 part3 part4 part5

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