you can fly!? Fun with Particle Brushes
exploring some unusual features of an unusual brush subsystem

Fun with Particles
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 PErhaps one of the most 'special' features known to Project Dogwaffle is a brush system made of particles: Optipustics.

You can paint with them just like with regular brushes, but it will generate not just one trail of paint along your brush stroke. Instead, dozens and even hundreds of particles are shooting out of the mouse and all direcgtions, subject to color changes, gravity and other oddities.

Learn the basics of Optipustics here:  Fractal Particles

Exploring More Options

Start by launching the particle brush system from the Window menu:

Window > Optipustics panel...

or press the keyboard shortcut: ' i '  for 'incredibly addictive' or perhaps it was 'incredibly long hours of fun ahead'...

In the Optipustics panel, go straight to the presets (Settings button in bottom-right)

If you've never painted with particle brushes, try the Ginieffect

Just one brush stroke from lower left to upper right, and here's the result:

Ok, so now we're intrigued, or perhaps hooked. Time to try something more 'natural'.

Select the preset for 'Grass': Paint around and watch the grass grow right out of your mouse under the cursor.

You'll notice that the grass is dark on the bottom half, has some shorter and other longer helms of grass, perhaps as a result of sudden moves with the mouse (speed or mouse direction dependency) and also slight variations in directions (randomness). They start thick and get thinner, change color against a gradient, and gravity pulls them down...

Let's change a few parameters to get a cleaner behaviour:

            Remove the gravity: set it to zero

Now the grass doesn't hang down.

          next, remove the dark shading: uncheck the Shading box.

and reduce the size

or change the style altogether from shrinking lines (which start at a size controled by the Size slider value) to plain lines (Line)

Now it's much thinner sets of grass, almost like hair, and no darkening to the bottom half.

Straighten up the particle paths, remove any randomness: set it to zero

Make the particles live longer: increase the Life span

Now they're living longer, and in straight lines. No gravity to pull them down, and no randomchanges or erratic changes due to mouse direction and speed of movement.
You can change other parameters, too, such as the initial and terminal velocity. If you increase their vaues the particles will travel farther in their life span.

Keep painting around that center a few more seconds and you can get it all covered with particle trails.
Ok, here's a set that will work nicely. Notice the parameter values used if you want to do the same. (Click the image to enlarge)

click to enlarge

Color Sobel Edge detect

Here's a neat effect, using the Color Sobel Edge Detect filter

Here's a result.

And another (with ample of other filters such as Zoom Blur applied

Here's with many hundreds of particles

And with some Lens Flares added on top

Experiment with changing so parameters. For example, add a little randomness. And zoom blur - it's a great way to create some sort of explosion effect or cosmic blast. Never mind the initial colors. You can always remap it to a different gradient.

Here's the same inverted and remapped to a different gradient. Plus, some additional Mystic vision, which sort of combines light diffusion and zoom blur.

Add some more novae lights:

or lens flares bloom.

Of course you can use such images as a starting point for many other compositions. Here's an example: cosmic eye 2:

click to enlarge

copyright notice: all images are copyright (2007) or their respective owners. No direct linking please, as it kills the server bandwidth. If you wish to use our image(s) please contact us.

Fun with Particles
more fun: animation
animated fireworks
Pine Branch look?

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