you can fly!? Glowing Neon Legs
Converting 3D a rendered animation to a
glow-in-the-dark neon lighting look

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Glow Effect - Light Diffusion

Let's add a glow effect to the light portions of the images. This is simply done with the Light diffusion filter, found in the Photographic filters group of the timeline.

Be sure to render it to the current animation, as usual. And if the effect is too subtle, simply click the Render button again once or even several times, to keep adding to it.

Another 'glow' effect: Blur it

You could also get a decent glowing look by applying one of the blur effects such as Gaussian blur

Here's an example of the result with one application of Light diffusion and one application of Gaussian blur.

Before (original rendered from Carrara)

After (all post work done in PD Pro)

    part1 - part2 - part3 - part4 - part5 - part6   


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