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Witches Brew for Bryce

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This is a series of tutorials around making a few models, content for a Bryce rendering contest, namely the May 2010 Bryce monthly challenge at Renderosity. These models were created by Simon de Rivaz, author of Curvy 3D, for his submission to the contest. Here's a close-up to his submitted Bryce rendering:

You can see three main models created in Curvy: The Witch, The Cauldron and the dragon. Some of the finished models are available in the freemodels collection.

Here we will discuss techniques used in making of some of these models.

Witch's Brew
Dragon Wings

Beginner Tutorials
Photoshop 3D Layers
Bones 101
Dogwaffle 101
Teapot Confetti
Renaming & Grouping
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