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PSI Service - possible interference

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The Problem: 

You get a runtime error 339 either at installation or at attempting to use Dogwaffle. This has been
seen occasionally (rarely, but still) more with the installation of the free update patches (such as going from PD Pro 3.5 to 3.7, 4.0 to 4.1, etc...) and PD Particles but may also be seen in other cases, and other software. 

The runtime error 339 was seen in such cases and it affects an .ocx file such as the COMDLG32 (Common Dialog, a VB runtime utility) which fails to load or register, and it might be related to this.

Sometimes it's UAC (User Account Control) that's preventing the replacement of this important OCX, that's fine, disable UAC tremporarily and try again after rebooting. Sometimes there's more to it.

If you have ever installed software from Corel (such as Paint Shop Pro 12 X2) on the system then you'll want to check if a psiservice process is running, just in case this is the culprit in your case too.

Here's info about the psi service

The Solution: (perhaps)

Here's help:

If you have PSP or other Corel  tools you may want to check if your system has this 'condition', a service named psiservice, running as described in the above url... it may have interfered with installing PD Pro 3.7 update, 4.1 update and others. It has been classified as spyware by some antivirus vendors, or as 'potentially unwanted application'.

If you find that removing this service fixes past issues on your system and enabled you to update to the latest available Dogwaffle please let us know. It may well be that Windows Vista 64 or UAC were not to blame after all.

If you want to see whether your system is running the malware service, use the Task Manager and click the Services tab. Or you can do a more through inspection with a free tool from ESET, called ESET SysInspector, found in the downloads area at - look for free utilities downloads in the home downloads group. SysInspector is a great tool for an overall health snapshot of your system, identifying suspicious looking dlls, processes, registry entries (hijacks) and other traces of rootkits and possible malware, without full scanning. You can occasionally run it to compare a log of before and after installing new software.

After running the system inspection tool from Eset, move the slider to the right, into the deep orange or close to the extreme red and look for files that stand out as suspicious, are recognized as dangerous. Then right-click them, and select the option for searching and researching them online, to see what others have reported about the selected item. Many times you'll see if it's labeled as spyware.

If you've never heard of Eset, see the video here:

Good luck, and please report your findings on the forums if this helped you get waffling again


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