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PD Pro 5 - Installation

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Prerequisite: .Net framework 4

See details about .NET framework 4 ...

Upgrade Installation

When you don't have the full installer, i.e. you have the upgrade installer, you must have a running version of the prior version installed, namely PD Pro 4.1 (not 4.0). If you already have 4.0, get the free 4.1 updater from the patches page and install 4.1 on top of 4.0, before applying the 5.0 upgrade.

If you purchased the upgrade from an earluier version, such as upgrade from v3 to v5, or sidegrade from v2 or others to v5, you will receive the necessary files to upgrade to 4.1, so that you can then apply the upgrade to v5.

Installing on 64-bit OS (Vista, Windows 7,...)

PD Pro 5 is a 32-bit (x86) application. You can run it just fine under 64-bit Windows, but it is recommended, for clean organization's sake, that you install it in the folder that is designated for such applications:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Project Dogwaffle Professional

Of course, you can install it in a totally different place of your own choosing if you prefer.

Default Extraction folder

There are two phases to the installtion: first, extracting the many files from the installer into a temporary location. Then running the actual installer that is amongst those extracted files, and designating the final destination for the files.

The initial extraction (phase 1) creates a PD Pro Installation folder that is by default placed on your desktop, so you shouldn't have problems with UAC conflicts or difficulties finding the folder if there's any issues during phase 2.

Other F.A.Q.'s

See here for other common questions: Frequently Asked Questions.

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The .NET framework

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