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How to Order PD Pro 5

PD Pro 5 is now available!  It is also included with the Cool Creative Bundle!
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You can order PD Pro 5 in the main sales page here

More recent versions are there too, in Artist edition or full-featured Howler edition.

Pre-Requisite: .Net Framework 4

You'll need the Microsoft .NET framework version 4, or better.
Click here to read more about this framework.   It's free. It's faster. It adds great new capabilities and features. And it probably improves security too. (just a wild guess) Plus, you don't have to remove or uninstall the older .NET frameworks. Chances are your computer has framework 2 or 3 or 3.5, or all of the above. Just add framework 4 and you're ready to waffle with PD Pro 5, and your other prior applications continue to work with whatever framework they need.


Get ready for 5:

The .NET framework

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