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  PuppyRay for Dogwaffle:

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Other Sightings

Puppy Ray is not new with version 11, there have been prior releases with it before. What's new in v11 is the addition of several elements that significantly enhance the rendering experience, such as bump maps, the visible Sun, and of course the water plane with reflection and refraction.

Below are a few links to re-discover prior releases, to help refresh your memory and skills. 

The very first release was CPU-only, and a GPU version followed soon thereafter.

The first release with Puppy Ray was with version 9.0

Here is a video with introduction to the first Puppy Ray - CPU version:

The coming of Puppy Ray was well documented in several newsletters with sneak previews, leading up to the release of v9. Perhaps the very first sightings of Puppy Ray were in Newsletter #56:

A bunch of sample renderings are also shown in Dan's blogspot at

The first release of Puppy Ray on GPU came with version 9.1

Here's a slideshow with, among other things, many renderings in Puppy Ray

This newsletter #62 had a lot of videos and tutorials on PupyyRay

Let's finish with a few old and new videos:

Potpourri 1

City of Circuits - from PCB to 3D

more recently, with v11:

When the Sun goes down - Puppy Ray unleashed

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