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One great way to enhance the realistic lookof some landscapes, scenes with terrains is to add some kind of bump mapping to the surface. This is a volumetric bump, so you don't  have to worry much about what planar mapping or other technique to employ. You can however adjust the frequence of the pattern repetition and the intensity (depth) of it.

Bumps can add fine details that didn't initially exist in the elevation map of the surface. The rendered surface looks richer, for example with rocks, or other features.

Here's a recent menu - showing the list of Bumps that are available. In Puppy Ray GPU, :

(1) click the More... button (it changes to Less... as shown here). This will of course show additional options and controls for rendering.

(2) Make sure you're on the Render tab. It's the default.

(3) Click the value for Bump map to see a menu of various choices. Perlin was recently added (July 2017).

In the example above, no bumps were enabled et. (None). The elevation map might have had a few bumps but most of the fine features are smoothed away.

Here are some of the renderings resulting from using different Bumps:

Fractal Bumps:



Mud Bank




Perlin New!

SO, these are the bumps available at this time. However, you can also combine their effects if you load one rendered image into the Main image buffer and another with same view parameters except for one different bumps. You can then combine the two in several ways, such as the Filter > Combine with Swap, or using the paint brushes in Rubtrough mode.

Would you like to know more about Bumps? Here's a video that walks you through some aspects and discoveries.

coming soon.

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