Making Textures with Project Dogwaffle
for use in 3D Rendering & Animation

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Part 4 & 5 - More Filters and FX Plugins to make Textures

Adding Streaks

Here are a few more ideas for creating additional effects, commonly found on weathered surfaces. For example, how to create a pattern of streaks which could be used for scratched appearances on metallic surfaces? Let's start with one of the noise filters:

menu:  Filter > Noise > Value noise...

Next, apply the Motion blur filter.

menu:  Filter > Blur > Motion blur...
Click and drag the rubberband line in the Motion blur popup. You can use it to set both the direction as well as the intensity of the motion blur.

The random noise pattern now appears as a set of streaks.

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Let's say you have one image, the original without the streaks, in the Main buffer. And then you jumped ("j") to the swap buffer to make the streaks like we just saw above. You can temporarily mix the Main and Swap buffer to see the effect of combining the two images. Click the large icon in the upper right corner on rthe Tools panel. When there is a small orange triangle in the corner of  that icon, it's an indication that layer mixing is active.
Layer mixing is just one mode of many other modes available to mix the main buffer with the swap buffer. You can Multiply the Swap with the main buffer's pixels. But you can also do many other operations.

menu:  Filter > Combine with swap > Multiply
This texture #4 is done.  Let's save it.

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Part 5 -
Even more Filters!

Still looking for more filters?  Every once in a while, a new plugin added to a free update for the full version or even available to be added to the free version of Dogwaffle. You might find such plugins already installed in the Plugins panel.

keyboard shortcuts:   "k"  ..........  k)iller plugins  :-)

For example, the Weave plugin.
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Check here for latest updates and plugins:
Another recent plugin is the enhanced seamless plugin for v2. Prior to it, the 'make seamless' function could be found only in the Brush menu. Now the Seamless plugin lets you work directly off the main buffer image and it shows the visual result of the texture made seamless.

There are tons of additional features and plugins to try here.
Here's for example the Sepia filter. Of course, similar effects can be obtained with a combination of making it greyscale and adding a hint of red and green for brown or yellow tint.
And here's another texture, ready to save and use in your 3D program.

Back to TrueSpace, we can now use these and similar textures as materials in color channels, as bump maps, as reflectance maps.... Dogwaffle also has a neat sky background tool.  check the tutorials
Many filters can be applied over animations too, such as the snow/rain filter, using the animation Timeline editor

More examples of animations, text/titling  and post work FX can be found in What's Possible. Look for example for the Dino examples.

Here are just a few final renders.  Don't forget to read about What's NewWhat's Cool and  What's Possible  in Project Dogwaffle! Check the many user galleries at DOTM (Dogwaffler of the Moment) and sample Wallpaper images for more ideas. And finally, have fun painting, and thanks for waffling!

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