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What's New in PD Pro 7.2?

New Options in 3D Designer Animation

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Update: 3D Designer has evolved a lot with PD Pro 8, especially since 8.2: it how uses the GPU when possible. See the 8.2 Showcase, the 8.2 Slideshow, what's new in 8.2, and the 8.2 GPU Notes

PD Pro 7.2 offers a few more options in the 3D Designer tool, accessed through the menu: Filter > Transform > 3D designer.

In the past, you could only change the 3 angular elements:
  • Speed h (heading)
  • Speed p (pitch)
  • Speed b (bank)
Now, you can also increment the positional parameters: x, y and z, by setting their speed (i.e. the rate of change in position):
  • Speed x
  • Speed y
  • Speed z
For example, to make the 3D mesh move to the right from its initial position, increase the X value by setting Speed x to some positive value, such as 5. The bigger the value, the faster it will be moving.

3D Designer
                        animation panel

Static vs. Dynamic Meshes

By default, the system assumes that every frame of the animation may be different from its predecessor, i.e. the brightness of its pixels is changing over time. Thus the elevation of the 3D mesh that it controls is supposed to be changing accordingly.

You can now also click the checkbox for this new option: Static mesh.
By default, this checkbox is left unchecked, i.e. the mesh is rebuilt with every frame throughout the animation. Checking this box will therefore make execution of the filter significantly faster.

Here is an example of a static mesh: the extrusion depth of the text is not changing. The only thing that changed were some angle(s) and positional info, such as the Z position to make it go away, farther away from the camera, increasing the distance (Z value) frame by frame. (The God rays (mystic vision) was added in post thereafter with the Timeline editor's Mystic vision filter in the Blur category.)

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